Leica DM6 M

Leica DM6 M digital microscope for materials science and quality control offer truly reproducible microscopy, incredible optics and high quality images. Store and recall your imaging conditions
with a touch of a button. High quality microscope images make challenging inspection, measurement, and analysis tasks easy.

High-end Microscopy Made Simple and Motorized
Coded and motorized components offer ease of use and reliable
results even for untrained operators. Leica’s illumination manager
supports you by adjusting the light intensity to best reveal your
sample’s details. The contrast manager makes the change between
contrast modes fast, easy, and secure.

LED Illumination for all Contrast Modes
Whether you work in brightfield, darkfield, DIC or polarization mode, you can always observe
your sample in the white light of Leica’s LED illumination. LEDs do not generate heat, which
protects the sample. The stable color temperature contributes to truly reproducible results.
Plus, lower power consumption and the LED’s approximate service life of 20,000 hours makes
lamp replacements unnecessary.

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